Our ranges of mosquito nets are available in two shapes:
Rectangular Shapes
Round Shapes

Fishing Net:

We provide a wide variety of commercial fishing nets, knotless (Rachel) & knotted - nylon, hdpe, pp, polyester & cotton fishing nets.

Agro Shade Nets:

Raw Material: High Quality Polymer, HDPE Plastic treated with Best UV Stabliser.

Safety Nets: Our range of safety nets are made of virgin polypropylene rope (as per IS-5175) which ensures durability of the nets. The nets are available in different thickness & sizes.

Bird Protection Net:

There is major problem of pigeons in many areas now days. They get easy access from open plumbing ducts & find good nesting area on the pipes & parapets inside the duct. They make nests & lay eggs there. There is a big problem of bird droppings inside the ducts which can not be easily cleaned & emits a very foul smell. Many pigeons die in the ducts causing large presence of maggots & other insects in the duct area. Pigeons nest on top of ACs & release a type of fungus that can cause LUNG DISEASES. We have developed a special net to get rid of this menace caused by pigeons without hurting or killing them. This net is made of 100% CO-POLYMER NYLON and is transparent in color having mesh size of 1" square & 1.1/2" square.

Construction Safety Net:

This net is specially made for fixing at construction sites or high storey buildings to prevent fall of construction workers and expensive equipments. This net is made of 6mm & 8mm PP rope(As per IS-5175) having breaking strength of 602 kgs & 1060 kgs respectively and border rope of 12mm PP rope (Breaking Strength - 2210 kgs) The mesh size is either 3"square or 4"square. To prevent fall of tools & Debris, HDPE net of 10mm x 10mm mesh size is fixed on top.


We Global Tex Associates Ltd is a leading manufacturer and Exporter from Bangladesh and supplying all kind of quality mosquito net, fishing net, bird net, agro shade net, safety net, and other nets on special requirement, we are exporting our products to several countries like India, Nepal, Shri lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Iran, Afghanistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa and some of the part of Latin America. But we are a regular supplier for Indian and Myanmar market.
Folding Mosquito Net manufactured from superior quality nylon and polyester to protect from the mosquito and other insects. We are specialized in providing nets according to our customer requirements. Get portable mosquito nets, mosquito netting and bed nets at your home. Our Folding Mosquito Nets are designed to provide the maximum possible protection against mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, insects under almost any conditions to protect yourself.
We can also supply industrial nets and building constructional nets, on special requirements.
We value long term relationships with our clients rather than short term gains. So, we try to bring perfection in the the designs in each of our products and ensure timely delivery. Apart from our vast range of products, we are able to provide customization in each of our manufactured goods with our well-managed infrastructure.

Other Nets:

We have earned a good name in the industry by offering customized products. We offer wide variety of customized products that suits customer requirements.

Other Net Types:

Sleeping Hammock, Chair Hammock, Sports Net, Industrial Fabrics, Filter Fabrics, Luggage Separation Nets, Packaging Nets, Camouflage Nets, Any Customized Nets, Fencing Nets