Manufacture: Most Most parts & important components of the machines are manufactured by the advanced processing center. It improved the precision and accuracy of the components. And all the parts of the heart are set precisely.

The center of the weaving systems: The material of cams are made by special imported heating disposal and designed by CAD/CAM to ensure the needles are going smoothly. In order to suit to all kinds of materials and the weaving craft.

The Split System

All designs to enable the cloth completely not to have crease. Make the cloth can be used completely and did not waste in order to reduce the cost and enhanced the profits. To make the fabrics density evenly and stably, easy control, save the time and be efficient, we design the drum speed transferred device.

An ISO 9001 National Quality Systems

All types of Single Jersey Circular Knitting machine.
All types of RIB + INTERLOCK Knitting machine.
All types of auto strippers circular knitting machines.
All types of terry and velour circular knitting machines.
Other customer requirement circular knitting machines.