Manufacturer: Teakwang Industries Company Limited, South Korea. We are strongly recommended it’s for cotton, polyester, nylon and blended yarn for all types of functional yarn.

The ACEPORA Spandex Yarn, Model: A660 (ACELON update model for high temperature and 100% re-dying guarantee) with much better properties of other competitor high temp.


  • With excellent physical properties high tensile rate of strength.
  • Low irreversible transformation rate at high temperature, tighter tolerance of physical properties
  • With excellent chemical resistance and thermal properties.
  • Excellent resistance against UV, light, alkali, chlorine and other chemicals.
  • Excellent thermal stability and law irreversible transformation rate at high temperature.
  • Most acceptable for the various usage of knitters according to its high heat resistance and anti-chlorine property


ACEPORA Spandex supplies excellent quality products in order to meet the various needs of the customers.

ACEPORA SPANDEX can be well acceptable for Warp-knitting, Circular- knitting, Covering, Core Spun Yarn and other kind of fabric usage and can be used together with Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Rayon as Bare Yarn, Covered Yarn and Core Spun Yarn. We are satisfying customers by supplying proper yarn type and Lot, which best fits special properties of the fabric and finishing properties.

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