Sung Shin Air Compressors


  • Belt Driven
  • Direct Driven
  • Gear Driven


  • VH Series
  • VP Series
  • VO Series


The first artificial intelligent controller in domestics that provides three languages : English, Chinese & Korean.

  • Large LCD
  • Displays 160 different operating situation
  • Reserved operation (built-in a day timer)
  • High reliability
  • One controller can drive as an inverter
  • Simultaneous load with various independent tools or drive without load
  • Various analogue output (inverter, discharge pressure or temperature)

FORT 20/25/30/40/50

ÁFORT Series that are developed by new innovative Technology.

  • Place the world- best air end
  • Silent drive with low- speed rotation.

VO series can be used for the industries (food, medical, chemical, paint shop and etc) where should not have oil within the compressed air, and VO series have two models according to the discharge pressure (3.2 and 10.5bar).

  • Directly flanged to gear box
  • Intergrated unit and comoacted
  • Use roller bearing rotor runs absolutely freely
  • No fricition
  • No lube oil in compression chamber
  • Oil free compressed air
  • Highest efficiencies
  • Effective shaft sealing system