Scope of Supply

A Company Ultimate Solution of Total Textile Machineries & all kinds of yarns,

  • All type of Circular Knitting Machine ( Open width Single Jersey/Rib/Strip),Brand: Knit-Tex/Hanma Brand-Taiwan
  • Spandex Yarn (Acepora/Texlon) from South Korea,all Denier like 20d,30d,40d,70d
  • All type of 100% Polyester textured yarn like POY, DTY,FDT, Dyed and Raw White yarn,Brand:Indroma,Relience,Shenghong From Thailand/India/China
  • All Types of Polyester functional yarn like Coolmax/HS Cool/Toop Cool/Breez, Brand: Indroma/Shenghong/Coolmax -Thailand,China/Taiwan
  • All type of 100% spun Polyester Sewing thread yarn, Brand:S.Derons,Anna,Fangsu,Weaver and so on From China
  • All types of 100% cotton yarn form India/ Pakistan/ Vietnam- Nahar, Allience, Technocrat
  • All type of 100% Organic cotton yarn form India/Pakistan/Vietnam- Nahar, Allience, GTN-India
  • All type of 100% cotton melanage yarn form China/India- Huafu,Garg Acralic-India
  • All type of CVC Yarn:60/40,65/35:28s/130s/1,32s/1 form Vietnam/Pakistan/India
  • All PC Yarn(Polyester Cotton),50:50,50:48,count:30/1,32/1 Combed/Carded Yarn Waxed Woven Yarn form Vietnam/Pakistan/India
  • All TC Yarn: Ne 30/1 P/C (60/40) Combed/Carded Yarn Waxed Woven Yarn form Vietnam/Pakistan/India
  • All Lurex yarn/Metallic yarn, Linen Yarn form China/India
  • All Air textured/Air Cover yarn/Spandex air cover yarn From China
  • All Types of Polyaminde Nylon 6 or 6.6 form China
  • All 100% Cotton Open End yarn(auto coner) Ne 6,7,8,9,10,12,16,20/1 yarn for denims fabrics. form Vietnam/Pakistan/India
  • Ands:(6/s to 140/s, Plied, Embroidery thread, Spun Polyester, Blended, Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Fortrel, Tencel, Modal,Mélange, Slub, Core Spun Lycra, zero twist, Bamboo yarn, Ring spun, Open end, MVS/MJS, Dyed and Bleached Yarns etc) form Vietnam/Pakistan/India

Your one stop service for all kinds of yarn as your required

Supply Scope

  • All type of Knitting Machine Belt (Megadyne-Italy)
  • All type of Knitting Machine Needle (Malgum-Korea)
  • All type of Embroidery Machine form Hong Kong/China.
  • All type of Flat Knitting (Collar& Cup) Machine,Brand: Mashit-Taiwan/Richpeace-China.
  • Industrial Boiler& Air Compressor from Korea,Brand:Delim Royal/Daeyeol Boiler-South Korea
  • All yarn Dyeing Machineries for Sewing thread/Cotton/Acrylic/Polyester,Brand: Chang Li-China
  • All type of Knit fabrics dyeing & Finishing Machineries from Dong Nam- Korea
  • Industrial Washing Machine,Brand:Tong Yang- China
  • Industrial Generator like Deutz, Cummins All Capacity from German/China

And as you're required any kind of machine and yarn we can be sourcing by our one stop solution.