Price Ideas of Yarns

Please let for us an opportunity to being with your company by your regular required all types of yarn as per our below explination:

We would like to infrom you thats,We are supplying all brand new top quality machinery & all different types of yarn form last few years, completely from Korea/ China/ Vietnam/ India/ Thainland/ Pakistan/ Indonesia.

Spandex Yarn From -South Korea:
  • Brand Acepora(Ex Acelon High Temp spandex, Model-A760): 20d=$6.40usd/kgs, 40d=$ 5.30usd/kgs, 70d= $5.30usd/kgs, 30d=$6.10usd/kgs,
Acepora(Acepora is assuring you now-Hight temp and Re-dyeing gurantee with same properties as others) From South Korea.
Brand Texlon: The best price of Texlon
20d=$6.80usd/kgs,40d=$ 5.35usd/kgs,70d=$5.35usd/kgs,30d=$6.30usd/kgs
100% Polyester Draw Textured yarn:From-Shanghong/Fengi/ Hengi/ Xiangsheng/ Indroma- China or Thailand
Polyester filaments Draw Textured yarn(DTY,FDY,POY,ACY,ATY) and Dyed polyester(Black,Navy,Gray,Mélange)
DTY 75d/36f,75d/72f,75d/144, and 150d/48f,150d/96f,150d/144f AA GARDE SD,RW/DYED, NIM,LIM,HIM and so on as your required.
Polyester DTY 75D/36F RW NIM AA-grade =USD $1.18/Kgs,Quantity: 40ft l/c 90days
Polyester DTY 75D/72F RW LIM AA-grade =USD $1.20 /Kg,Quantity: 40ft l/c 90days
Polyester DTY 150D/48F RW NIM AA-grade =USD $ 0.93/Kgs,Quantity: 40ft l/c 90ays
Polyester DTY 150D/96F RW LIM AA-grade =USD $0.95/Kgs,Quantity: 40ft L/C 90DAYS
Polyester DTY 150D/144F RW LIM AA-grade =USD $1.00/Kgs,Quantity: 40ft l/c 90ays
  Price idea from Indain: Reliance/ Sannika/ Zoom
  Polyester DTY 75D/36F SD RW NIM AA-grade =Best pirce: USD $1.05/Kgs, Quantity: 40ft
Polyester DTY 150D/48F SD RW NIM AA-grade =Best pirce: USD $0.90/Kgs, Quantity: 40ft
  User: For your kind information,we are supplying to DBL Group,Dird Group,Viyellatex Group,Delta group,Faria,How are you,Zong Sine,Ring sine,Mozart,Network Clothings,MK Fashion,Turag Garments,Opex Group,Sears Accessories,Febcon textile and so on form last 4years.
  PC, TC, CVC, VISCOSE : Vietnam/ Pakisan/ India/ Indonesia
  Polyester-Cotton yarn(PC) yarn 52/48, T/C, CVC Yarn: 65/35, 60/40, 50/50 and CVC
  CVC price from Indonesia /Vietnam/Malaysia: Brand:Racron-Malaysia
  CVC 60/40 yarn 30s/1 combed yarn Final Price: and $2.28/kgs CVC 30s/1 combed
CVC 60/40 yarn 40s/1 combed yarn Final Price: and $2.53/kgs CVC 40s/1 combed
  PC 65/35, price from Indonesia /Vietnam/Malaysia: Brand:Racron-Malaysia
  From Recron Malaysia : P/C yarn 65/35 for Knitting, Count: 26s/1 combed at $2.16/kg
From Pacific Texindo Indonesia :PC 65/35 as under: NE 26/1 = USD 3.20/KG, NE 45/1 = USD 2.95/KG
  100% Spun Polyester for Knitting and 100% Spun Polyester Sewing thread yarn: China/Indonesia/India
  Derons-China:Spun Sewing thread yarn
  20/2,3 RW= Best price: US $1.46/kgs
40/2,3 RW= Best price: US $1.71/kgs
50/2 RW= Best price: US $2.00/kgs
  For Optical white 5cents/kgs high above price for 40ft
  For Knitting:From Indonesia/China
  30s: $1.45/ kgs
40s: $1.55/ kgs
50s: $1.65/ kgs
  100% COTTON YARN & 100% Organic Cotton yarn & 100% BCI Cotton: Nahar/ Garg/ Sudan
  100% Cotton yarn and 100% Organic cotton and others all standard counts from India/Vietnam/Pakistan:
100% Cotton Open End yarn(auto croner) Ne 6,7,8,9,10,12,16,20/1 yarn for denims fabrics.from India and Pakistan
100% Organic Combed Spun Raw White Waxed Knitting Yarn (GOTS Certified):with Contamination control
  Ne 24/1 @ USD 2.78/ kgs
Ne 26/1 @ USD 2.82/ kgs
Ne 28/1 @ USD 2.82/ kgs
Ne 30/1 @ USD 2.85/ kgs
Ne 32/1 @ USD 2.90/ kgs
Ne 40/1 @ USD 3.25/ kgs
  100% Combed Spun Raw White Waxed Knitting Yarn (GOTS Certified):with Contamination control
  Ne 24/1 @ USD 2.55/ kgs
Ne 26/1 @ USD 2.58/ kgs
Ne 28/1 @ USD 2.62/ kgs
Ne 30/1 @ USD 2.65/ kgs
Ne 32/1 @ USD 2.70/ kgs
Ne 40/1 @ USD 3.05/ kgs
  100% BCI Cotton:
  Ne 34/1’s , 100 % BCI :-- $ 3.20/ kgs
  Polyester Coolmax Yarn/ Top Cool/ HS Cool- functional mositure managment polyestet DTY and Spun yarn:From Taiwan/ China
  Properties with: 1. Mositure Absorbent and management, 2. Keep body cool and dry, 3. Sweat Drain effect.
  Polyester Coolmax yarn DTY 75D/72F, 75d/36f,75d/144f SD, RW, IMG, AA Grade,Price: 75d/72d:9.50/kgs
Polyester Toopcool yarn DTY 75D/72F or 150d/144f, SD, RW, IMG, AA Grade,Price: 75d/72d:3.50/kgs
Polyester HS Cool yarn DTY 75D/72F or 150d/144f, SD, RW, IMG, AA Grade,Price: 75d/72d:2.60/kgs
  Polyamide Naylon 6 and 6,6, Nylon Air Textured yarn: Taiwan/ China
  N6 DTY 70/24/1 ,2 SD Raw white AA+A (80%+20%) @ USD 2.85 / kgs
N6 DTY 70/24/ 1,2 SD dope dyed black AA+A (80%+20%) @ USD 350/ kgs
N6 DTY 70/24/ 1,2 SD dope dyed optical white AA+A (80%+20%) @ USD 3.50/ kgs
  Nylon Nomofilament & Multifilament Yarn: 15d/1F-50d/1F & 20D/10~18F to 1680G/144F SD/BRT
  100% 20 denier mono filament nylon yarn-2.35$/kg
  Spandex Air Cover yarn for Kintting & Denims from China:
  20/30,20/40,20/70,40/70 for stretch denim,knitting fabric,weaving fabric etc,Price Idea as follows:
ACY: polyester DTY 150d/48f SD Dope dayed Black + 40D Spandex yarn,PriceUSD1.69/KG:
ACY: polyester DTY 150d/48f SD Raw White + 40D Spandex yarn,Price:USD1.57/KG
ACY: polyester DTY 75d/36f SD Raw White + 40D Spandex yarn,Price:USD1.75/KG
  Air covered yarn/polyester covered spandex yarn(ACY):for Socks & Knitting, Weaving, Denims
  Nylon covered yarn: 20/30 20/40 20/70 30/70 40/70 40/140,
Polyester covered yarn: 20/75 30/75 40/75 40/100 40/150 40/200 40/300 70/300 40/45
ATY (Air textured yarn).Full Dull with Anit Pailing, Moisture absorbent
  ACY for Socks & Knitting, Weaving, Denims, Yarn
  Polyester + Viscose mainly in the blends of 65:35 and 52:48 (Ne 8s to Ne 40s)
Polyester + Cotton (Carded) in the blends of 65:35, 52:48,40:60 & 80:20 (Ne 6s to Ne 30s)
Polyester + Cotton (Combed) in the blends of 65:35, 52:48,& 40:60 (Ne 6s to Ne 40s)
Polyester + Cotton Multifold yarns upto 5 ply (Enduse Carpet & Industrial applications (Ne 6s to Ne 20s).
Viscose + Linen in blend 70:30 in counts 612 both single and multifold with and without slub(End use mainly for Furnishing fabrics) Ne 8'S to 40'S
  All Special Types of Blanded Yarn for Knitting & Weaving & Denims as follows:
  100% tencel or lyocel yarn or Lenzing tencel for knitting
100% Modal or 100% Lenzing Modal Yarn
100% Pima or Supima cotton yarn
100% indigo yarn
  Lurex yarn/Metallic yarn
  100% Linen Yarn or blanded yarn
  Cotton Lilen blanded yarn like 26/1 cotton lilen slub yarn
  70% Tencel(Lyocell)+ 30% Polyester yarn Blanded yarn
  100% cotton slub yarn
  Viscose polyester blanded yarn like- 90% Viscose 10% polyester
  Cotton Polyester Blanded yarn like 60% cotton 40% polyester Slub.
  Blanded yarn of 48% Cotton + 47% Modal+5% Viscose melange
  100D Filament viscose
  Ands:(6/s to 140/s),Plied,Embroidery thread,Blended Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Fortrel, Tencel, Modal, Mélange, Slub,Core Spun Lycra, zero twist, Bamboo yarn,Ring spun,MVS/MJS, Dyed and Bleached Yarns etc)


Your one stop service for all kinds of yarn as your required.

So we are heartiest request to you, as if you have above any one requirements than please give us few minutes to meet with you for explain our yarn details and others. 

We shall appreciate hearing from you by return.